Acacia Lodge is located in an historic building that always is in need of repair and improvement, and regularly hosts community organizations. Members of Acacia can contribute to assist us in continuing its upkeep and availability.

Donations can be either one-time or recurring monthly. Click on the "Donate" button and enter the amount you wish to donate, and optionally select recurring monthly.

The Lodge pays credit card processing fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents. Fee calculator>>

Note to Acacia members: The following language may be inserted into your Will making a Bequest to the Lodge. Your generosity will assist Acacia Lodge No. 16 to continue supporting Freemasonry.

"I hereby bequeath to Acacia Lodge No. 16, located at 7135 Main St. Clifton Virginia, the sum of (____% of my estate) or ($____dollars)."

(please choose either a percent or fixed dollar amount, but not both.)