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Become a Life Member in Perpetuity (LMIP):

  • You no longer pay annual dues, so future dues increases will not affect you.
  • Your Lodge will receive an assessment credit from Grand Lodge every year forever, even after you pass to the Celestial Lodge.
  • You receive a permanent membership card, certificate, and a LMIP lapel pin.
A Life Membership may be purchased for or by any member in good standing of a Lodge holden under the Grand Lodge of Virginia, subject to the rules.

A Memorial Life Membership may also be purchased for a deceased Master Mason (who was in good standing at the time of his death) in any Lodge in Virginia upon acceptance of the Memorial Life Membership by vote of the Lodge. Memorial Life Memberships may be purchased for deceased Master Masons of any Lodge of any jurisdiction recognized by the Grand Lodge of Virginia; provided, that his good standing has been ascertained in advance through the office of the Grand Secretary, and upon acceptance of the membership by vote of the Lodge.

The Life Membership Fee shall be equal to sixteen (16) times the amount of the Annual Dues and assessments of his Lodge at the time of the purchase, or $300.00, whichever is greater. Dues for the year in which he purchases the Life Membership must have been paid before the purchase, and are not included in the 16-year calculation, except when the purchase is in memory of a deceased member.

Contact the Secretary of Acacia Lodge No. 16 for more information.

A LMIP membership can be purchased via a credit card. Payments may be made in full, three, six, twelve or eighteen monthly payments. If you wish to use your credit card to make a payment, you must have submitted a completed application to your Lodge Secretary, who will in turn, confirm the amount to be paid and will forward the application to the Grand Lodge of Virginia.
An application for LMIP membership can be downloaded from the Documents page.

Increase in cost of Life Membership in Perpetuity.

The current cost of a Life Membership in Perpetuity (LMIP) in 2017 is 16 times current dues. There will be an increase over a period of three years, as follows:

21 times effective ​January 1, 2018​
​23 times effective ​January 1, 2019 (Grand Lodge assessments also increase by $10.00)
​25 times effective January 1, 2020

F​or information about Life Membership in Perpetuity, visit:

The $2,422.55 is applicable for the year 2017, and includes credit card processing fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents.

LMIP $2,422.55
Member number:


* All payments, fees and membership status are subject to verification by the Lodge secretary.