Acacia Lodge No. 16 Ancient, Free & Accepted Masons

"The Greatest Little Lodge in the Commonwealth of Virginia"

7135 Main Street Clifton Virginia 20124

Stated communication 1st Thursday, starting with a meal at 6:30pm. Meeting at 7:30pm.

About Freemasonry

Freemasonry is the oldest Fraternal organization in existence. Written records about the Order date back to 1390. The Grand Lodge of Virginia was established on October 30, 1778. Today there are over 300 Masonic Lodge's and near 40,000 individual Freemasons in the State of Virginia. Freemasonry is a charitable organization. Masonic organizations in North America collectively contribute well over two million dollars every day to charities throughout North America.


In order to become a member of this ancient and honorable fraternity a man must, among other requirements, be at least 18 years of age, of good moral character, a law abiding citizen, who believes in a Supreme Being that promotes peace, love and harmony towards all mankind, more especially to a Brother Mason. Because a Mason cannot extend invitations to prospective members, nor are members solicited, any and all applicants must take the initiative of his own free will and accord and with an open heart. All petitions for membership must be vouched by two active Master Masons, preferably members of our Lodge, who do know the Petitioner and thus able to vouch for the Petitioner's character and recommend him for admission into our Craft.

How To Join "2-B-1-ASK-1"

If a person meeting the above criteria is interested in joining, he should ask a Masonic friend for more information or Contact Acacia Lodge No. 16 or the Grand Lodge of Virginia.

Video about membership

The Grand Lodge of Virginia has released this eight minute promotional video which explains the origins of and about modern day Freemasonry. With 2008 Grand Master of Virginia, Most Worshipful Ed Cohen. Narrated by Wor. Don McAndrews, and along with other Brethren and Lodges from Masonic District 4, Including Acacia Lodge No. 16.